About Conscious Babe

I’m a Babe. And I’m Conscious.

Yip, ‘sexy and intelligent’ is no longer a contradicting statement. I investigate all the alternative stuff so that you don’t have to….

I started this blog  simply because it reflects so much of who I am.

I was attending these kinds of niche pioneer events anyway
as well as getting involved in exciting projects that hinted at new approaches to living.
Each time I had so much fun and was so breathless with the implications of people coming together in this conscious way
that I thought: Why don’t more people get involved with these kinds of things?

And then it hit me…
People don’t know what to make of them
They don’t understand, and so they stay away.
Often the concepts and ideas are so mind-boggling even I (child of an extremely committed green hippy) struggle to digest them!

So the idea now behind my Conscious Babe blog is to challenge myself to explain simply in short articles what events like Green Drinks and Social Media Support Groups are about, as well as why it’s so much fun to be involved with projects like Urban Guerilla and Stompers Against Stompies.

note: click on the underlined headings to go straight to the related page

On this blog I share Why I Believe in Fair Trade, why is important to use phosphate-free shampoos and why I feel there is a need for Party Safe pamphlets in our local outdoor party scene.

Check out my Facebook groups on topics like Consumer Awareness and how sometimes Street Art can help Change the World.

My ambition is to involve more masses, because that is how true changes can be achieved!

Ultimately I hope to develop this blog to the point where it can serve to inspire more young South Africans to get involved in local projects that are developing creative solution for local social, political and environmental issues.

I want to encourage debate and open discussion, so please leave a comment beneath my entries telling me what YOU think.

I believe much can be learnt from one another…

2 Responses “About Conscious Babe” →

  1. Patrick

    August 17, 2011

    Great blog, CB, and thanks for the chat. May many musings mushroom.

  2. Thanks Patrick, means a lot coming from you…I’m glad you checked it out!! 😀


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