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Imhoff’s Toxic Gift: a lesson for consumers (a call for more phosphate-free products)

August 25, 2011


While we know some of what went wrong to make the environmental disaster otherwise known as Wildevoelvlei, do we know that one of the key causes of this high level phosphate lake is from what products we flush down our drains daily? Back in the 50’s and 60’s, Wildevoelvlei was a seasonal wetland. Drier in […]

Naming the elephant in the room: Plans to create ‘Safe Party’ pamphlets

August 22, 2011


Let me first off say : I love the scene, it is my scene, I am at home out there in the bush with the sun on my back and the beat in my feet. As some of you will know, I wrote a very angry blog about a week ago which I have now […]

Local fossil experts urge for more young South African palaeontologists.

August 16, 2011


A short article written after I attended a series of media conference lectures on evolution at Iziko Museum beginning of 2010 – an event prompted by the finding of a fossil skeleton in the Karoo Bowl- proving to be a missing link in the story of human evolution… =) ‘I have a dream,’ said Dr […]

“It’s pay back time.” Kelly Rosenthal of Equal Education explains why she does what she does

August 16, 2011


“It’s pay back time.” Kelly Rosenthal of Equal Education speaks about why she does what she does… ( written 2010) I arrived at 6 Spin Street at 11:10am as we had agreed. Kelly Rosenthal swishes across the checked floor interior of the café muttering something about being with me in a moment. I wait in […]

‘A Good Reason to Stomp’: Natural Building Workshop in Stanford

August 16, 2011


‘A Good Reason to Stomp.’ Natural Building Workshops take off at Blue Moon, a community farm just outside Stanford. (written 2010) The wattle and daub structure looked skeletal that morning, standing tall against a breath-taking Hermanus mountainscape. This basic frame had been prepared beforehand by Anton, Blue Moon resident and experienced natural builder. Local aliens […]

Why all the Dormants?? A scrutiny into why our youth are relunctant to partake in activism.

August 14, 2011


Young people are perfectly ripe for revolution, but then, why do I look around and see so many dormants? Ask them their opinion on government, society, environment, economy, ethics.. and most times you get a shrug. Like what’s that mean?!? You don’t care? So you have complete apathy towards life? You are half involved in […]

Alternative mobility parade (and more silly brilliant ideas)

August 12, 2011


Recently I have had this crazy idea to have a showcase parade in Cape Town city for cool different types of technology, especially to demonstrate to the public the reality of renewable energy resources (for example: pedal power, wind power etc) I was particularly inspired by the rumour that WESSA ( is going to be […]