The Green Police rhyme

Posted on July 12, 2011


This is so cool! Like a Roald Dahl/Dr Seus rhyme! LOVE IT!

‘Before you go and have a pee, wait a minute and listen to me!
We’re here in the contry on Michaels farm, and emptying bladders can cause much harm!
So please can you pee in the proper place! Even if you’re off your face!
We know the world is getting hot, and we know we have to change a lot.
So how about we start right now! The Green police will show you how.
Let’s try to keep the place more clean, the time has come to change the scene!
Callous dumping of your trash, costs us loads in wasted cash!
Put ur cans in the proper bin, get this right, and we all win!
And another thing, if they get wet, spliffs and butts are a toxic threat!
We’ve really gotta get involved, if we’re gonna see this problem solved!
We’re all part of the human race, nows the time! get on the case!
Saving the world is nothing less, than clearing up if you make a mess!’

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